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Some sci-fi stories I’ve read in my childhood seemed horrifying and used to scare me, even more now, many years later it feels like some of them are coming true. I remember one about fruits and vegetables without seeds and an unfair control of growing your own food – seemed monstrous and impossible at the time…

Anyway, I’ve decided to write my own sci-fi-seems-impossible-the-moment-stories, the ones that wouldn’t scare me but bring hope to my own uncomfortable feelings about some issues in the world today. Reality is a matter of perception, anyway, a personal truth that is created, shaped and renewed every moment…


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June, 2013

Restoration continues

The implementation of the new Act on the residential areas will serve greatly to former tenants of what in this decade became known as „Prisons of 20th century“

Report by: Re L’Ease
Photo by: Let Go

New Homes For The New Era

The Councils are moving forward even faster this week. After last week’s consensus on the new rules about farming, forests related issues and water sources there is a fast move on the issues of residential areas that are most incongruent with basic human needs.

The Council for Reclaiming Human Dignity, the Association of Architects, the Health Initiative and the League of Common Sense have finalized the Act on residential areas of the „Agreement on the Common Good for all Living Creatures on the Planet Earth“. Among other benefits, the implementation of this act will serve greatly to former tenants of what in this decade became known as „Prisons of 20th century“ because all of them will get new homes that are in accordance with basic human needs.

One of the healing centres in Wiltshire, UK

„Since most of them are currently at the healing centres around the world, this new agreement will speed up their process of recovery.“ – says the chairman of Health Initiative, Mr Beau Ty Matters.

„Not only those living in such prisons will be reimbursed for their mental and physical damage, but also those who lived with a view to such monstrosities.“-declares Ms Joy Rootgree from the Association of Architects.

The reports of the Health Initiative show that living in such residential areas had a strong impact on humans of which they mainly weren’t aware of. The effects would show depending on the sensitivity of a person; it would mainly result in severe cases of depression, loosing natural bio rhythm, loosing ability to follow intuition, to feel or express personal opinions and among other issues, living in such areas for a longer period of time would result in an uncontrollable urge for violence and destruction.

„Such an amount of toxic building material in such a small area inevitable ends so that a person loses all his or her compasses.“-says Mr Beau Ty Matters. „What’s even more toxic than the building material is that blocked buildings produce a feeling of scarcity in all areas of life. It’s like someone sets you in front of a cage, you don’t even have to be in the cage, but after a period of time, you’ll see vertical bars everywhere, even when looking at the sea horizon. People would either get depressed and would succumb to what we call „sheep state of mind“ and would be easily manipulated or would get dangerously violent and destructive.“

Things seem to be moving fast on that issue. We have met with one of the tenants of those „monstrosities“ who is now recovering in the „Palm Tree Resort“. She says she is lucky because she had been living in one of such residential areas for only about four years and her overall recovery is showing a great progress: „Ours was one of those stories where you get trapped by the way the state is formed and you move into such a flat just because you can’t afford anything better without compromising yourself. So it was either compromising your basic human needs or selling your beliefs. None of that is healthy, but we thought we are stronger than anything. I saw it as a challenge to overcome, you know, the mind is stronger type of belief.“- she laughs. „Well, the mind is strong but it needs more rest to recover for yet another battle and another battle and our main mistake was we weren’t giving it enough rest and slowly got weaker, lethargic, poisoned like many in the area. But all is well, now. The majority is coming to their senses.“-she concludes optimistically.

We are all optimistic on this new Agreement that will enable a thorough and on time recovery for the survivors of the time that is so near in the past yet feels like the most distant and strangest thing that ever happened to all of us. We can only imagine how strange the way we lived will feel for those born after the first decade of 21st century. I can almost hear their comments after reading about it in the future: „This just doesn’t make any sense!“
No, it doesn’t, and it didn’t. But we are making amends and moving on.

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