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Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

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Sad-mad-sad sandwich, part two

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

Just one of the ways to recover; gain a new perspective on a matter that was occupying my mind… There are many other, quicker and handier ones that make the mind reframe the chosen reality, bring to halt the uncreative loops, sort the things out and get a new perspective but this one felt so right yesterday… Nature heals, cleanses, nurtures… All we have to do is to allow that…

Ah, yes, the “inevitable good” that comes out of the chaos and the “sad-mad-sad sandwich” revealed itself that very night, a few moments after I wrote that text. New realizations, new insights…

Not one, but many of them and they keep coming like a refreshing stream of new perspectives. As many times before: what seems like end of an era is actually a beginning of a new one.

We all know that yet and it happens whether we realize it or not at the time, but still… “It’s nice to get that confirmation”.

Every time I think of or say that sentence I get giggles because it triggers a memory on one event that occurred more than ten years ago: we were checking out of a hotel and one by one, members of the group were returning the keys of their rooms and sorting out if they had any extra services to cover. When the youngest in the group handed over his key and the receptionist checked the data in the computer and told him he is free to go (i.e. no extra payments) he joyously shouted: “Yes!”. We laughed and asked him what that was about, didn’t he already know he didn’t use any of the extra services offered by the hotel and he said: “Yes, I did know that, but it’s nice to get a confirmation.”

Yes, well, sometimes it is so.

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A Note To Myself – How To… digest a sad-mad-sad sandwich

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Sad-mad-sad sandwich digestion:

Breathe. And then breathe some more. Deep from the bottom of your spine.

Now, repeat several times: people see what they want to see.

People hear what they want to hear, what they think suits them best at the given moment.

People choose their own truth regardless what you are saying, writing, describing.

Even if you thought they were close and knew you well.

Now take some more deep breaths.


There is no one truth reality. Each of us have a different one; even the same person may have one truth at one point and a different one at another time. It’s just the nature of the game called Life. Our bodies change, our heart and minds change, our perspective changes.

Even if we choose, yes, choose to feel hurt, we may find comfort in the fact that whatever someone does, he or she is doing that out of his or hers best intentions due to a personal search for happiness. Can we really blame someone for wanting happiness? Happiness makes people feel better, be more creative, do better things, isn’t it?

Even if one chooses to distort every word we say, turn it completely around so we are left perplexed at the sheer possibility of such occurrence there is still a valuable lesson to be learned on the other side (of a tunnel, of course).

Yes, that word. “A lesson”.

I can see you biting into that sad-mad-sad sandwich, again.

Yes, because feeling of being hurt and losing a friend can do that but… We do have a choice in perceiving such unexpected circumstances, don’t we?

Can we ever “lose” or “have” anything that subtle in its core?

Maybe it’s just about cycles, again. One cycle ends, another begins.

Maybe it’s due to some enormous lesson that was to be learned on both sides?

I don’t necessarily support that idea that we learn best when in pain but maybe sometimes that’s the only way it works? “Sometimes” meaning when we missed all other previous signs and warnings.


Maybe, even though it was said the help was wanted, needed and asked for, actually it wasn’t so and I was asked to come in just to serve as a justification, a camouflage for some other things and intentions? But… I still can’t believe that particular person would do that or that I would be so… (insert the appropriate word of your choice)?

I’m still pondering over all this. I’m confused…
In the light of what one smart man said: confusion is a brilliant state of mind because it definitely leads to new insights, I’m moving on.

Now throw that sad-mad-sad sandwich away.


Look around.

Life goes on and changes are inevitable. Sometimes we only later find out “why” and what the lesson of that particular event was and to what good things it lead.


Good is inevitable too.

And… A disclaimer or a note to a wandering reader: all I write here are „notes to myself“, my personal reminders, so when I write „you“ or „we“ it is just a figure of speech. I am not giving advices to anyone but myself. If it makes it easier, imagine I am writing to myself in the future, to remind myself on certain occurrences and what were the lessons I learned. Many times this may not make sense to some of you, but it will to me. I hope…

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A Shortcut…

Monday, August 16th, 2010

… Or just an opportunity for a different perspective, broadening the view, experiencing different sides…?

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