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For T.

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Dear T.

whenever I need a reminder on any essential facts of life, I find it in the Nature. I take a walk and just observe, inhale, let go of any presuppositions and assumptions and just allow myself to… be. It often feels like taking off the layers of inherited or adopted cloaks, capes and robes or like relieving a lens from various filters that are supposed to protect its delicate and expensive inner structure or enhance/improve/change what is, all in the name of “adapting to circumstances”.

All very useful yet not at that particular time when “being in the Nature” means being in tune with the lightest part of me, the one that judges not and asks for no approval of its being, the one that needs no protection and needs not to protect, control or supervise yet just…is. Such Nature includes a walk by the sea, around trees as well as synchronistic events involving people – experiencing human nature and the nature of a tree as a naked creation of joyous, light, smiling vibrations.

And all is well and all is a well of one extraordinary, nourishing reality.


It works for me, for you, something else might be a source of a relief, reassurance, energy, pure joy… Something you can pull out when those “It’s too much” feelings shake the imaginary reality. I can’t say I created those moments, they sort of happen once I…yes, now I’ll put in the famous “let go” expression… Just recently I felt overwhelmed with many changes (some sudden, some expected) in my life and one particular visit to the sea, the vastness of space in which mighty waves were rolling and splashing in an ever-changing mode, was a perfect reminder how change is inevitable, how the sea is constantly changing, how every wave is different as so is every moment on this planet and how natural change is as a process of life whether we comprehend the circumstances or not.

Just by observing the waves crashing on the shore felt like each of them carried a relieving gust of wind that threw away hindering thought patterns and redundant beliefs, allowing space for new adventures and skills, new experiences and opportunities to learn more about the world and about myself, the world in me and me in the world. Isn’t it great that we always have a choice of perspective – as it is said: we can moan that rose has thorns or celebrate that thorns have roses.

Hope this letter answers your question, dear T. and that in your time and space you will allow yourself to rediscover your own reminders and experience your very own naked truth that will change the perspective of powerlessness and scarcity into one of strength and… Enoughness? 😉



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Reminder for T.

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Dear T.,

Once you get a muscle fever from “only” doing exercises  in your mind the day before, you get your proof on the power of thoughts or…how “your thoughts shape your reality”… Once you know a person who had surgeries on her knees and they are still painful as well as her joints and many other parts of her body while she always succeeds to tell you a repetitive story of her struggling childhood when she had to carry heavy buckets of water from a remote well, you get your proof how “what you carry inside manifests outside” … Once you hear and witness numerous stories on healing of any dis-ease “only” due to a change in the belief system and vice versa, you get your proof how important it is to question your thoughts and decide what you believe – whether it appears in your mind or you adopt it from someone else… Once you start paying attention to the words you use in everyday communication and notice how a person who keeps mentioning “being stuck in life” develops some kind of foot disease and can’t walk without pain you know how to find a way to release your own “pains in the neck”… Once you become more aware of the quality of thoughts to which you devote space and time or the pictures you create in your mind, you become more aware of how’s and why’s of your reality and you know how to change it for the better, in your own, unique, authentic way, using your own discernment on everything, this letter included  – take it on if it resonates with your deepest self regardless of the fact we’ve talked about such things so many times before and this was just a reminder more than an answer to your question this morning. As usually: all in your own time, in your own truth :).

Hugs and love,


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Reminder for T.

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

O.K., so, remember those moments at that crossroad near the market when the winter Sun peaked out and that sudden southern wind made you close your eyes and stop walking and you smiled and said you feel the wind is stretching your lips around your head? And you kept smiling for hours feeling so happy and so light. Soo light that the rest of the story you were telling came out of you free of judgments and regrets for failing in righteousness. That’s it. Sometimes all it takes is a caressing gust of warm wind to blow off the layers of masks, protective shields, poses and fears and to allow revealing the true self. So naked it can’t be anything but joyous for all the weight of “shoulds” and states learned to impress and gain approval are cast away and the lightness imprints a smile, wide as a horizon, contagious, the one that spreads from inside outwards, lips reflecting the primary, authentic state of the inner universe.

Sometimes, as you very well know, the great reminder is a cup of tea; the soft, comforting taste of elderflower, the fragrance… of the umbrella pine, for instance. Sometimes it is a word or a sound that makes entire body shiver and shake off adopted behaviour and return it to the authentic mode.

Sometimes it is a scenery that triggers the cleansing, a colour, a streak of light that embraces white surface of a stone.

Sometimes true nature comes out in most unexpected ways, dear T. and you know it; suffocated, neglected, tortured and silenced it finally finds it’s way out through a dream that could only be labelled as an actual experience of the alternative perspective on life in significant details, a dream that brings a sense of savvy, insights that no books or techniques manage to significantly imprint in the consciousness.

And remember how sometimes all it takes to wake up the authentic self is a friend’s hug. I can see you smiling now. Yes, sometimes that is all it takes to go back into the state of sheer joy of being in peace with oneself, true and honest, genuinely happy for no reason at all, no need to “deserve” or “return”, just being as is and feeling all right, knowing it is enough at this very moment.

All of these reminders can bring a smile that comes from your feet and stretches around your head, they offer lightness and awareness of one’s authenticity even when there is no sunshine and warm wind around.

We promised to keep reminding each other on what we agreed is essential and when we feel is the right moment for it, so here you are, in a form you wanted it to be.

Keep smiling, dear T.
Online hugs count, too ;).


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