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Reminder for T.

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Dear T.,

Once you get a muscle fever from “only” doing exercises  in your mind the day before, you get your proof on the power of thoughts or…how “your thoughts shape your reality”… Once you know a person who had surgeries on her knees and they are still painful as well as her joints and many other parts of her body while she always succeeds to tell you a repetitive story of her struggling childhood when she had to carry heavy buckets of water from a remote well, you get your proof how “what you carry inside manifests outside” … Once you hear and witness numerous stories on healing of any dis-ease “only” due to a change in the belief system and vice versa, you get your proof how important it is to question your thoughts and decide what you believe – whether it appears in your mind or you adopt it from someone else… Once you start paying attention to the words you use in everyday communication and notice how a person who keeps mentioning “being stuck in life” develops some kind of foot disease and can’t walk without pain you know how to find a way to release your own “pains in the neck”… Once you become more aware of the quality of thoughts to which you devote space and time or the pictures you create in your mind, you become more aware of how’s and why’s of your reality and you know how to change it for the better, in your own, unique, authentic way, using your own discernment on everything, this letter included  – take it on if it resonates with your deepest self regardless of the fact we’ve talked about such things so many times before and this was just a reminder more than an answer to your question this morning. As usually: all in your own time, in your own truth :).

Hugs and love,


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Sunday, September 11th, 2011

I have an amazing friend who is so patient with me, tolerates my sudden pauses in the middle of a sentence or when I stop abruptly during our walks… She understands why I sometimes stand like a statue unable to take my eyes of some scene in the nature… and she waits…

Yesterday we took a walk by the sea, a few people still on the beach, catching the warm rays just before the Sun was about to embrace the hill and the scenery in front of us was amazing…The stones emerging from the sea looked like made of gold, purified by a silvery-blue water… Wonderful contrast of tints, shades and tones…Once I got my breath back I started to look for a place to stabilize my camera… Nothing flat was around on the position I wanted to place my camera and the shade was approaching the golden stones…

“Ah, look at that light and the waves…and I can’t find a flat ground to take a longer exposure…”

A few moments later, a perfect, flat piece of stone appears by my side.

“Would this help?”, she asks handing me the stone.

It did help… She did.

The scene gracefully mirrored into my camera… I got my reminder on yet another blissful moment in the nature.

This photograph will always remind me of her patience, as well, of her acceptance of the fact that when it is two of us it’s always one more, my camera, and thanks to her tolerance it never feels like there is a third wheel and I never feel I’m failing her; she waits for either mine or her paused sentences to be completed a bit later, understanding how much those wanderings of light in the nature are magical to me…

Friendships are precious, soul family that heart chooses… One of the definitions of unconditional love…

Friends intuitively feel us even when thousands of kilometres away and send text messages asking how we are in the times no one knows we’ve shut down during painful moments of growth… Friends are our family with whom we learn, share, support each other and exchange shoulders to lean on and with whom we celebrate and rejoice.

Friends expand our hearts and help us open our minds a bit more every time. They support us in learning more about our authentic selves.

We broaden paths and expand the roads for each other… We hand each other a torch when in need or… find a way to help regain the balance – and sometimes it is not about metaphors and life defining choices, sometimes it is just about a piece of the right stone at the right time…





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