While walking by…

Written by oceana on January 13th, 2011

Hopefilling rays of sunshine suddenly intertwined with naked branches and the wavy base of the trees in the park, offering a timely resort and mellowing a chilly winter day.  Both sight and feeling of the moment glued me to one spot as if aware the Sun might slip under the clouds soon and the magic would be gone.

But there was no fear of loosing it for that was one of those occasions when any predictions, anticipations or reasoning are gone and one isn’t really participating consciously in anything, yet, at the same time, being entirely immersed in everything.

While writing this my mind is working hard (careful there, not always a good thing to do!), rummaging through the archives to find the suitable words for describing all that but to no avail. As often, there are no appropriate words coming out to describe some experience (with) in the Nature, and the invented compounds might be misleading, even for myself while reading this later, when in need for Reminders.

Regardless, I’m leaving this log, short of right words, to remind me on that feeling of hopefulness, pure joy, vigorousness that followed… Immeasurable, like the gratefulness that still, several hours after that unplanned “wellness treatment” fills my entire being with pleasant, comforting and smiley warmth.


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