Written by oceana on May 23rd, 2011

The first time we met was in Ian’s garden in London. She was climbing a tree, working with the playful branches and helping them to stay healthy and beautiful in all that living in the city involves. I first looked at the tree and then at her. Once I was convinced the tree was safe I gave her full attention.

It was one of those „we’ve must have met before“ feelings that got stronger when I heard her singing and playing mbira.

What is a British girl of Czech descendants doing with a traditional instrument from Zimbabwe?  Whatever your heart allows – would be an appropriate short answer. The longer one would be: proving that one’s soul is not bound to current geographical or historical boundaries.

After falling in love with mbira sound she spent some time in Zimbabwe learning from the masters of mbira playing, participating at their rituals, creating even stronger connection with that simple yet powerful instrument.

An instrument is just a tool, asleep piece of creation until taken into the right hands when its latent energies are awaken.

And Zuzana’s hands on mbira and her voice do exactly that – awaking listener’s with open hearts, reminding them of other realities of our multi dimensional living.

Surely, the latter can also be achieved just by standing by a tree, painting, dancing or in many other different ways – we are blessed with possibilities and a combination of friends ( i.e. family members we choose through life), a tree and music happens to be an excellent one.

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