One typewriter, many drawings: Keira Rathbone

Written by oceana on May 14th, 2013

First there was a sound… Sunny day, one crowded, buzzing southeastern shore of this green island and one distinguished sound flowing into my awareness. Click-clack, clickatee-clack…

Could it be…? Nah, it is probably my imagination running wild as I am thinking of my family of friends, places I used to call home that now seem to be millions of steps away, sliding into the childhood when the sound of a typewriter was a dear companion in creating my own comfortable worlds.


However, once all the senses got involved, the sight offered a delightful scene. It is here and now – one machine that in this space and time is most probably often presented only in museums: a typewriter!

It was sitting on one girl’s lap. This girl, woman, human being found a comfortable position on top of a huge recycle bin from where she could observe the area without being disturbed by anyone. Well, so it seemed.

I came closer, offering an apology for disturbance (sounded more like an attack):

“You certainly must be aware that it is not easy to just pass by you…”. It was the child-wanna-be-writer in me and a little more grown-up photographer talking.

She smiled and agreed to be photographed. Then came a surprise even bigger than hearing and seeing an old typewriter – on the beach and in 2012. She wasn’t writing stories. Well, not in a regular sense of writing sequences of words – her stories were actual drawings of scenery in front of her!


Could I have felt more at home? A typewriter and pictures, drawings with letters…



Walk on.

Home is a state of mind, anyway ;).

To see Keira Rathbone artistic expressions click on this link:

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