Spiro – the wordless storytellers

Written by oceana on April 23rd, 2014


The first time I heard the music of Spiro, a familiar tingling swept over my skin, inside and out. “They also know…”, I thought. Wordless comfort in the songs brimming with stories. My stories. Your stories. Their stories.

After a while, the same songs swooped in with different themes. Like a chameleon, they would match my inner state and complement my surroundings only to seamlessly begin a transformation and each time create a new topic, a new pathway to explore; parts of songs that maybe one time seemed to offer an enhanced relaxation background, the next time turn into a rush of irresistible energy that prompt me to dance with it or have a completely different inner visual experience, listening to a different story, a new movie in my head…

However, one song is excepted from this chameleonic playfulness.

For me, the “Yellow noise”, a song from the album “Kaleidophonica”, always brings one theme only: “arguing” with the Sun that, after many days of dusk at noon under multiple layers of heavy clouds, makes a sudden, loud entry and lures outside when I need to be inside!

After the first cheer on a visit from the life bearing shine, comes ignore button and then, as the tempting rays become more tenacious in unveiling all the possibilities that come with the sunny day, slight irritation slides in:

“Oh, now you appear! Just now when I have things to do inside!”


The long awaited fun friend all of a sudden becomes a nuisance that just wouldn’t stop with the excuses to get me out; the one that can’t be made angry and that keeps smiling and calling and seducing me out of my invented dutifulness and into…living in the moment.

Reckless abandon.




At the surrender point, while transforming from the human doing into a human being, the yellow is no longer experienced as a noise; it becomes warm, melodic light that nourishes all senses…


Yes, they do know.

They know how to allow.

Allow what? Well, it depends on the state of the one listening, or rather – watching and listening.

Spiro’s albums are wonderful wordless audio books yet experiencing them live is a treat of a special kind.





Photographs made during their concert at the Salisbury Arts Centre.







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