Ethnoambient Salona, Croatia – Celebration of Cultural Diversity

Written by oceana on September 25th, 2014

Hum, whistle, sing, dance, play and tell me of the rhythm of the waves on your beach, the shape and colour of the river that surrounds your home and the form and position of the stones in it.

Describe the paths around your neighbourhood that may have inspired the step patterns in the local dance as much as the wild animals in the region have done.


I will listen to you singing and imagining the mountains and hills around your hometown as your voice spreads around and I’ll know of the valley and the trees as they shaped the colour and depth of your voice. The sounds of the words and of your instrument will imitate the sounds of the Nature around you and I don’t need to know your language to perceive it.


Your body will tell the stories of the winds it knows from many generations back, your fingers dancing will show how your ancestors picked berries or weaved a fabric.


Your story is being sung and danced; you carry the wholeness of the Nature you know in you… Thank you for sharing, thank you for connecting and enhancing the beauty of diversity in which we all grow and enrich our lives.


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