Mediterranean revisited

Written by oceana on September 2nd, 2012

It was warm, sunny and…have I mentioned – warm?

Hundreds of photographs are awaiting – reminders on many joyous events; from the Ethnoambient Salona festival, via several memorable concerts and soul-family reunions to one wedding, various inspirational encounters and lights that travelled on many roads.


One of joys was an assignment that was especially fragrant; handy scented items for home: lavender filled little cotton bags and clothes hangers, bath sea salt with rosemary and many other Mediterranean delights, all made by one lovely lady who is based in the city of Split but spends every available moment on the island of Hvar where she gathers majority of the aromatic plants she works with.


It was a joy to chat with her and get to know her family who also seems to be deeply involved in research and cooperation with the the world of herbs and plants and grow them or pick them in the wilderness to create herbal infusions or yet another product that will bring some closer to (their own) nature.


Here are a few scenes as my reminder on that photo session.


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