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Saturday, April 24th, 2010

After a lot of research, reading all the reviews, forums and blogs on the Internet I decided which macro lens would be my first one.

In the city I am currently based in there was absolutely no chance of trying that particular lens let alone buying it so after some more research it was arranged that the lens will be sent to one photo shop here and I could try it out and hopefully buy it.

A few days leading towards trying the lens it was difficult to focus on anything else since photography IS my biggest passion. I kept imagining the scenes I would capture, perfect dof, lovely bokeh…

The Day finally arrived. I’ve got all dressed up, thoroughly excited to meet my potential new companion. Everything but the road towards that shop was blurred.

And there it was! Perfect size, so light… First gut feeling when seeing it face to face was weird but I thought that was because it is the first non Nikon lens that is to be mounted on my Joy.

I left Mojmir and the lens that was with me that day in custody of the shop and went out wandering.

The first thing I didn’t like even though I was prepared for that were loud extensions of the lens while focusing but I thought I could easily live with that if everything else was up to my expectations yet…

It wasn’t.

It just wasn’t right without much reasoning and explanations, it simply wasn’t right for me. I gave it some more time, explored the quality of the capture, played with it but to no avail – we weren’t meant to be together.

The quality of the picture was good, in many situations better (yummi dof and bokeh in close-ups, of course) than what the other two non macro lenses I already had could provide me with, but not as much better as I expected them to be and not better enough to justify the cost and extra lens in my bag.

So,  this experience served as a good reminder for the future if at any point I was to feel hooked up on opinions and experiences of others and my mind gets blurred due to the current position of the Moon or unsatisfying weather conditions or just a simple, natural yearning for growth and making a step forward:

It’s not worth purchasing unless that step is of an effect: „Wow! How could I have ever lived without this lens?!“

So at that moment I was to stick with what I already had and make new steps in breaking the limits of my “old” lenses which was quite an amusing  (read: challenging ) and a creative process of  passing through the imaginary limits of imagination.

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